The Certificate Program in Conflict Analysis & Resolution (PCAR) offers students innovative ways to learn about conflict zones around the world.  The program involves experiential learning combined with academic training on and off campus that leads to a Certificate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. The certificate program consists of four courses in three modules—(1) Theory and Methods of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (2) Culture, History and Politics of Conflict Zones, and (3) Application of Theory and Methods. 



1. Theory and Methods of Conflict Analysis and Resolution Module (4 units)
Students must take one of the following courses.

  • Anthro 136D/ IS 183E/PS 154G/SS 183E. Conflict Management in Cross-Cultural Perspective (4)– Finley
  • SS/SE/Hum 183B. Seminar in Mediation (4) - Finley
  • SS/SE/HUM 183CW. Seminar in Conflict Resolution (4) - Finley
  • PS 149. Middle East Narratives (4)  -  Brunstetter 

2. Culture, History, and Politics Module (4 units)
Students must take one of the following courses, or a similar course with the academic director's approval.

  • Anthro 136D/IS 162B  Post-Soviet Eurasia (4) - Finley
  • Intl St 179. Islam and the West (4) – Petrovic
  • Hist 132. Israel/Palestine (4) - Levine
  • Hist 133. Emergence of Modern Middle East (4) – Levine
  • PPD 102. Urban Inequality (4) – Bollens 
  • PS 149.  State Theory (4) – Sadiq (elective)

3.  Applying Theory and Practice Module (8 units)
Students must take these core courses

  • SS 189. Leadership and Scholarship Development (4 units over 2 quarters) – Wehrenfennig (core course)
  • SS 189. Engaging Conflict:  Experience in Fieldwork (4 units) - Katz *


* Participation in the trip is contingent on active involvement in the Olive Tree Initiative student group. Part of the course is also a one-week intensive “Current Political Situation” seminar two weeks before the trip.

** If students cannot participate in the travel experience they may substitute this core element with a comparable experience (e.g. work study), which must be approved by the program’s director and academic director and be supervised by PCAR affiliated faculty .




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