List of Acceptable Coursework

*If you want a course that is not on this list considered for the Middle East Certificate complete the online application and submit it along with an unofficial transcript.

NOTE: NO courses covering areas outside of the Middle East region will be considered applicable to this certificate. Please do not request exception for courses that do not specifically address the Middle East region and issues directly related to the Middle East.


School of Humanities

Com Lit

  • 100A Nations, Regions, and Beyond (when topic is specific to the Middle East)


  • 18A Jewish Cultures
  • 70E Problems in History: Middle East and Africa (topics vary)
  • 114 Topics in Modern European History (when topic is specific to the Middle East)
  • 130 Jewish History
  • 130A Jewish History, Ancient to Early Modern Times
  • 130B Modern Jewish History
  • 130C Topics in Jewish History
  • 131 Iran
  • 131A History of Zoroastrianism
  • 131B Ancient Persia
  • 131C Medieval Persia
  • 131D Modern Iran
  • 131E Topics in Iranian History
  • 132A Israel and Palestine
  • 132B The Emergence of the Modern Mid East
  • 132G Topics in Islamic History
  • 180 Special Topics in Social History (when topic is specific to the Middle East)
  • 183 Special Studies in International History (when topic is specific to the Middle East)
  • 192W Research Seminar (when topic is specific to the Middle East)

Rel Std

  • 130 Jewish, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Religious Traditions (topics vary)


  • Arabic 1ABC: Fundamentals
  • Hebrew 1ABC: Fundamentals
  • Persian 1ABC: Fundamentals

School of Social Sciences


  • 125Z Muslim Identities in North America
  • 135I Modern South Asian Religions
  • 169 Modern Iran
  • 169 Arab Society and Culture

International Studies

  • 160 Lebanese Politics
  • 161 Islam and the West
  • 161A Political Islam
  • 162 Afghanistan
  • 164 Iraq Reconstruction
  • 165 Middle East Politics
  • 166 Psychology of the Middle East Conflict
  • 168 Iran: Past and Present
  • 170 Israel and the World
  • 174 Middle East Narratives (also Pol Sci 136D)
  • 179 Arab Spring
  • 179 When topic is specific to the Middle East

Political Science

  • 159 Women in Israel
  • 159 Contemporary Israeli Politics
  • 159 Controversial Islam in Europe

Social Sciences

  • 119 Geography of the Middle East (also cross-listed as Intl St 179)


  • 170B U.S. War on Terrorism (same as Intl St 175A)

NOTE: not all cross-lists may be indicated on this list. Also, not all applicable courses are on this list. If you have a question about a course contact Kurt Hessinger at


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