Middle East Studies Certificate

This certificate recognizes intensive study and knowledge of various aspects of the Middle East region.  It is designed for students who want to narrow their focus of study to a particular region in or culture, language or religion of or issues pertaining to the Middle East.

The core courses required for this certificate are: one course in the History of the region AND one course on Middle East Politics. 

History courses pertaining to the region are primarily offered through the History Department. Middle East Politics (INTL ST 165/SOC SCI 188A/POL SCI 158D) is offered through the School of Social Sciences. 

Four additional elective courses are required for a total of six courses required to obtain the certificate. 

A grade of C or better is required in courses to be counted toward the certificate.  One language course can be counted toward the certificate.  An independent research project may be used as an elective if the work is pertaining to the region.  A syllabus or course outline from the instructor is required.

Applications can be submitted and a certificate granted at any time.  Students may apply as soon as they have completed the necessary coursework (courses in progress are acceptable).

To apply, please complete the online application and submit it along with an unofficial transcript.

Click here for a list of applicable coursework.

Click here for information about the Middle East Studies Student Initiative.

For further information about the Middle East Studies Certificate, please contact: Kurt Hessinger at kurt.hessinger@uci.edu


*Middle East Studies Certificate* administered by the School of Social Sciences


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