Ten great reasons to major/double-major in International Studies at UCI!

IS students are active, engaged and informed global citizens – join us!

  1. The IS major prepares students with the relevant knowledge, analytical skills, and experience necessary for navigating our increasingly globalized world
  2. IS at UC Irvine was named one of five Nerd Scholar national favorites in 2014 
  3. IS students gain valuable expertise in the politics, economics and cultures of the world through foundational courses
  4. IS students achieve expertise in both a functional area and a “region” of the world
  5.  IS has a track record of placing majors in a wide range of exciting careers and graduate programs
  6. IS majors and alums are working to shape the future of international affairs locally and globally
  7. IS students are enthusiastic and committed, engaging in research that matters, clubs that organize valuable social and intellectual activities, and experiences that relate classroom knowledge to the world
  8. IS students can apply to live in the International Peace and Conflict Studies (IPACS) House in Arroyo Vista, with international students
  9. IS students (and others!) take the International Studies Public Forum, a bi-weekly series of public lectures on pressing issues of the day that brings to campus scholars and public figures from around the U.S. and the world
  10. IS students gain invaluable experience through internships locally and/or study abroad or through UCDC academic and summer programs.


Careers of International Studies Alumni:

Diplomacy (consular and State Department)
U.S. AID (Agency for International Development)
International Business (locally and abroad)
NGO work in development, rights, and humanitarianism (in Latin America, Africa, Europe and the U.S.)
Security (Homeland Security, Office of the President of the United States)


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