International Studies Honors Program 

The Honors Program in International Studies is an advanced educational and research program for outstanding undergraduate students in this major.

Requirements for the Honors International Studies major are as follows:


Admission to the program is based on a formal application submitted prior to the start of Fall quarter. 

Looking for an Honors Thesis advisor, visit the Global and International faculty page:

Online Application (application opens May 1, 2023) | FALL 2023 DEADLINE: September 15, 2023.


The Honors Program in the department of Global & International Studies is open to all International Studies majors who meet the minimum academic qualifications (3.5 GPA in International Studies courses and 3.0 GPA overall).

The Honors Program allows International Studies majors to engage in research leading to the completion of an honors thesis. Successful completion of a written honors thesis in the International Studies (Intl St  190) course will satisfy the upper-division writing breadth requirement.

In addition to satisfying the requirements for the major in International Studies, honors program participants must complete additional course work as specified below.

Coursework Requirements - HONORS

Fall Winter Spring
Intl St H180 Intl St H190 Intl St H190


INTL ST H180. International Studies Honors Research Seminar. 4 Units 
In this course, each student formulates a written research plan (i.e., prospectus) for the honors thesis. Students also select a faculty member who agrees to supervise the research, evaluate the written work, and approve the honors thesis.

INTL ST H190. Honors Thesis. 4 Units
In the winter quarter, the faculty advisor supervises and evaluates data collection and analysis and reads and edits chapter drafts. The topic for the honors thesis is selected by the student, in consultation with a faculty advisor, and should reflect a theme consistent with the student's module in the International Studies major.

INTL ST H190. Honors Thesis. 4 Units
In the spring quarter, students enroll in a second quarter of Honors Thesis, with their faculty advisor. The thesis is to be completed by the student and approved by the advisor prior to the end of the quarter. Honor theses are read and evaluated by the advisor and the Undergraduate Program Director.

Honors students must also demonstrate a high level of language proficiency by completing two courses beyond the 2A level in language, literature, or culture taught in their chosen international language.

Previous International Studies Honors Students

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