International Studies students gain invaluable knowledge and skills through fulfilling the international experience requirement. The international experience requirement for the International Studies major can be fulfilled in several ways: study abroad, UCDC (during the summer or academic year), or by enrolling in the Soc Sci 197 - Professional Internship course and doing an internship with an international focus.


Students who are interested in pursuing an internship to satisfy the international experience requirement will need to enroll into Social Science 197 (Soc Sci 197 - Professional Internship). Please note simply completing an internship will not satisfy the international experience requirement. Students must have their internship approved prior and must enroll into the Soc Sci 197 concurrently with the internship.

To satisfy the international experience requirement with an internship, the following criteria and guidelines must be followed:

1) All students interested in pursuing an internship must submit the International Experience Internship Petition and have it approved prior to the internship beginning. The petition must be submitted to the Social Sciences Undergraduate Student Affairs Office (SBSG 1201) well in advance of the internship beginning as it may take some time to review all documentation. All internships must be non-paid and have a significant international cultural component to be reviewed.

2) Once the internship has been approved, students will receive an authorization code from Angel Salazar - The Soc Sci 197 course must be taken concurrently while the internship is in progress. The course cannot be taken before the internship begins or after it has been completed.

3) For a list of approved local internships please click here. Please note all internships must be petitioned, even if they are on the preferred list. The approved internship list will serve as a guideline of past internships that have been approved. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jessica Canas-Castaneda at

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