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The major in international studies provides an interdisciplinary perspective on global politics, economics, cultures and history. International studies majors acquire twenty-first-century analytical skills and knowledge that will enable them to understand and contribute to shaping the rapidly evolving global community. The degree in international studies prepares students for careers in a variety of fields such as international public policy, international business and finance, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and academic research and teaching.

Requirements for the major include a core set of courses: an introductory sequence (Global Cultures and Society, International Relations, World History and Global Economics), basic economics, one additional lower division social science class and two quarters of the International Studies Public Forum. Students then choose both a regional focus, which can be defined geographically or according to other criteria (for example language, i.e. the Francophone world, or religion, i.e. Muslim world) and a functional focus in one of four areas: Global Issues and Institutions, International Conflict and Negotiation, the Global Role of U.S./California, or Global Society and Culture.  The final requirements are competence in a language other than English and an international experience, which can be fulfilled in several ways; study abroad, UCDC, or an approved local internship.



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